Giudes & Elliott have extensive experience in all areas of criminal law.

In Queensland, Magistrates deal with both traffic, bail applications and less serious criminal matters.

These can include assault, theft, some drug offences, and traffic matters such as drink driving and unlicensed driving.

In addition to dealing with traffic and summary or minor criminal offences, Magistrates also deal with Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs).

They also deal with peace and good behaviour applications.

For more serious matters, provisions exist whereby a Magistrate must decide whether the person charged with an offence should be committed for trial in the District or Supreme Court, presided over by a judge or a jury.

This includes serious drug offences in the District Court and Supreme Court – for example, drug trafficking or production.

Murder and manslaughter charges are dealt with in the Supreme Court.

Our criminal law team is headed by John Hopes, a partner of the firm with many years of practice in this area.

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