The law of contract is complicated and relies on many conditions and implied terms not apparent to a lay person.

A contract can either be oral or written.

Problems generally arise with oral contracts when the parties differ as to what was agreed upon.

To avoid these sorts of disputes, we strongly recommend that all contracts be in writing and signed by the parties.

It is important to ensure that, if the parties intend to make a binding agreement, that it can be enforced at law.

For example, certain contracts, such those transferring an interest in real estate, are required to be in writing.

A commercial contract should be prepared by an experienced solicitor and provide you with protection and remedies in the event of breach of the contract.

It is important that contracts are legally enforceable and provide for any eventualities.

To give practical significance to this, it is important that a solicitor effectively negotiates on your behalf.

Ideally, negotiation should provide an efficient resolution so that legal costs are not unnecessarily incurred.

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