In 1975, the grounds for divorce were simplified to be a “no fault” system.

You must now prove to the Court that your relationship has irretrievably broken down, that you have been separated for a period of at least twelve months and that there is not a likelihood of reconciliation.

For married couples, divorce also triggers the property settlement time limit.

Once the divorce is final, the parties have 12 months from that date to finalise property orders.

Although the Court may extend this time limit, it is not assured, so we recommend that you contact a solicitor as soon as possible if you become divorced.

Where there are no children of the relationship less than 18 years old, the divorce can be granted by the Family Courts without the parties having to appear in person before the Courts.

Where there are children of the marriage under 18, the parties must appear before the Family Courts, as the Court needs to be satisfied that proper arrangements have been made for the children of the marriage.