Under recent amendments, the Fair Work Commission has the power to make a “stop” order to prevent workplace bullying or harassment.

As the definition of who is covered by this law is limited, please contact a solicitor at this firm to discuss your matter.

Under the Fair Work Act, a “worker” (which is a restrictive term) is deemed to be “bullied at work” if, while at work, one or more people “repeatedly behave(s) unreasonably towards the worker, or a group of workers of which the worker is a member” and “that behaviour creates a risk to health and safety”.

The definition of what could be considered workplace bullying or harassment is therefore broad, but excludes “reasonable management action carried out in a reasonable manner” – for example, appropriate disciplinary action for misconduct in the workplace.

If you are successful, the Fair Work Commission may make an order to your employer that the bullying cease.