Please telephone our Townsville or Ingham offices for our fixed-price notarial rates.

There are certain legal documents that cannot be witnessed by a solicitor or Justice of the Peace, but that must be witnessed by a Notary Public.

A Notary Public is recognised under the United Nations Hague Convention as a person who can witness and verify the authenticity of certain documents, being international documents which are valid for use overseas.

Countries that recognise the Notary Public seal can be found here at the Hague Convention website.

These documents can include such things as deeds, Powers of Attorney, marriage certificates, ship protests and other international documents.

We can advise you on the requirements of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and certain overseas consulates in respect of apostilles and authentications.

We have notarised documents for use in many foreign jurisdictions, including New Zealand, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, USA, South Africa, and certain South American, African and Middle Eastern countries.

Our Notary Public, Raoul Giudes, can advise you in that regard and promptly attend to any queries that you may have.

Please contact us for more information.