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A formal lease is vital to protect the rights of both lessee and lessor.

A lease provides the written substance of an agreement and will bind all parties to that agreement for the term of the lease and any extensions.

It is common ground among those with experience in leasing property that there are likely to be disputes in relation to the agreed rental amount, any increases, the duration of the lease, any option periods for extension, who pays for the cost of outgoings, the lessor’s requirements for assignments and sub-leases, GST considerations and numerous other issues.

In Queensland, leases are governed by various pieces of legislation and it is extremely important that all parties comply with those laws to avoid acting to their detriment.

For example, “retail shop leases”, which are deemed to be so according to particular factors in the legislation, are governed by provisions that place certain disclosure and other requirements on parties to those leases, and on landlords in particular.

Often, lessees enter into a lease not realising that the lease is subject to the Retail Shop Leases Act.

This can have important ramifications in terms of payment of the landlord’s legal costs, and other expenses, such as land tax.

We negotiate the terms of the lease; advise you as to whether the lease is a retail shop lease or commercial lease; and advise you on the terms of the lease so as to protect your interests and avoid the uncertainty that can arise in leasing arrangements.

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