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Family Law is a complex and dynamic area of law.

Disputes in this area involve a high degree of emotion and personal stress.

At Giudes & Elliott, our experienced team strives to guide clients through the legal maze and to assist them to achieve a fair resolution.

Our goal is to do this through negotiation and mediation in order to keep your costs to a minimum.

On some occasions, it may be necessary to apply to the Court.

In that case, we will represent you in Court and ensure that you receive frank and accurate legal advice.

Should you have any further questions about family law, or a family matter, please contact our family lawyers, John Hopes and Kerri Fretwell, at our Townsville or Ingham office.

Family law in Australia

In Australia, all family law matters are dealt with in the federal jurisdiction.

The Federal Parliament passed the Family Law Act in 1975 and established a Family Court and a Federal Circuit Court to deal with family matters

The Family Court normally deals with more complex family matters involving child abuse allegations or complex property matters.

The Federal Circuit Court deals with matters such as divorce applications, child custody orders and less complex property settlements.

Both Courts follow the same law as established by the Family Law Act.

The areas of family law in which our solicitors practice include: